Managed Service
Network Management Services

Spanco provides both onsite and remote network management services to its customers. Network, storage and server systems run with appropriate uptimes and in line with SLA. Remote network management services help customers reduce cost of infrastructure maintenance as well as the downtime.

With networks spreading extensively into newer geographies like tier 2 and 3 cities and towns, the network complexity is increasing. Likewise, managing these extensive networks is also getting complex.

Benefits of Hosted Data Center Services
Management of passive and active network components
Documentation and process management of field activities
Quality assurance
Operations and maintenance includes
Preventive maintenance
Breakdown maintenance
Uninterrupted power supply
Centralized fault management
Project Management Services
24x7x365 Network Management Services
Trained personnel on call at various client locations along the network
O&M manager to co-ordinate and control operations
MIS to clients via daily, weekly and monthly performance reports
Logistics for repair of assemblies from the equipment manufacturer's international repair center

Spanco's NOC (Network Operations Center) proactively monitors the availability and health of network infrastructure and send alerts. The NOC is capable of complete network and server monitoring and management service for both active and passive components. This helps clients to have maximum uptime of their critical network.

Data Center Services

Managed Data Center - It is an end-to-end solution which includes maintaining the hardware, the operating system, the application data center, availability,
      connectivity and security
Semi-managed Data center: Clients choose the services that they look for to be outsourced. They manage the remaining.
System & device monitoring & administration
Application performance management
Product break-fix support
Backup & batch operations
Contact Center Management Services

Spanco integrates complex cross country networks for upcoming customer contact centers across regions. Spanco also caters to the WAN requirements of the customer contact centers, for both international as well as domestic applications. Spanco has all the necessary skill sets and relationships with Principals to integrate and implement end-to-end call center solutions consisting of Switch, ACD, CTI, predictive dialing, and quality monitoring systems.

Consulting & planning for the project

This includes total hardware sizing, network architecture and software designing for the project. Spanco also helps customers in various other aspects of network load distribution, bandwidth management, network security and load balancing.

System Requirement Study
This constitutes studying total project requirements, analyzing needs of the project and zeroing in on the application specific requirements for the smooth functioning of the project.

Network Management
Network Management includes studying component sizing for the entire network. It includes setting up the entire call centre technology hardware and software components and managing them through our service and our expertise.

Hardware/Software Support (AMC)
The AMC is a comprehensive annual service pack that covers a wide range of premium hardware, network maintenance & software services.

Facilities Management Service
Manpower requirements for the project could be outsourced to Spanco, who in turn would supply the adequate and correct manpower for managing the data center, the call center and/or the entire IT Infrastructure setup. Customers outsource the manpower needed for managing the project, including Network Managers, Networking Engineers and the people required to guarantee the safe running. Spanco acts as a single point contact for all customer service requirements.

Remote Management Service
Spanco also provides an efficient way to manage critical servers & monitor their performance without being physically present at your end via a remote management service through a dialup.